Dispute Resolution

[Text] Let the expert handle and negotiate on your behalf to get the best outcome from any disputes you may have. 

About this Service

[Text] We are experts in dispute resolution, able to make a fair and independent assessment that can get you back out of dispute meetings and back to work. 

Expert Determination

If you and another party are in dispute, come to us to come to a fair and mediated solution to your problem. This determination isn’t enforceable by law but is fast and may help you get back on track quickly. As arbitrators and experts in project assurance, we can help you to decide on matters with a time & cost focus.

Commercial Arbitration

Cheaper, quicker, confidential, a flexible procedure, and a final decision tailored to your needs. Commercial Arbitration can provide all this for you instead of trying to battle the court system of whatever country you or the other disputed party are in.


Extension of Time Claim

Have you got a time critical contract with liquidated damage? Have your contracts been delayed due to factors out of your control? You’ll need an extension of time claim to relieve your company from costly damages. That’s where we come in. We can help your company prepare an extension of time claim report that’s professional and allows your business more time if you’ve been denied it by circumstances outside of your control.