Corporates Project Management

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About this Service

We at EMC Project Management Solution understand that corporations have a strong need for a formally structured Project Management Framework, especially when it comes to a project that includes a large CapEx or time critical OpEx. This Project Management Framework, if done right, leads to greater governance and control over your projects. That’s why we provide a host of world class Project Management Services.

Project Management Framework Development & Implementation

We assist in the development of industry best practice project management frameworks that are tailored to your business environment. These frameworks are aligned to the strategy, risk, appetite & nature of the project. We also assist clients in effectively implementing such a framework into any new or existing projects that they wish for, in order to ensure a successful project outcome.

Project Management & Project Engineering

The successful delivery of your project is the most important thing to us. In order to achieve this, we proactively assist you with project delivery by managing the project throughout the project lifecycle. Doing so allows us to coordinate the different suppliers of your project, be they suppliers of people, vendors or construction contracts, in a way that makes your project run smoothly and with minimal risks in order to realise the project benefits. This includes managing the stakeholder engagement and expectations throughout the course of the project.

Project Risk Evaluation & Management

For a lot of companies, when they think of risk, they think of a safety or environmental risk. We do risk differently. We make sure to look at these risks, but we also look at Project risk, risk that influences 5 important criteria for project success: scope, time, cost, quality, and benefits.
We provide industry best practice to your project’s risk management approach, tailored to your environment in order to minimise threats. This gives your project the best chance to realise opportunities. We also assist with the understanding of risks that may affect your project by continuously monitoring and updating risks, as well as hosting risk workshops for your employees.

Project Scope, Time (Schedule) & Cost Control

Constant monitoring and controlling of your project is just as important as having a good plan and baseline in place. We tailor project control requirements to each corporate environment and the risk of each project.
We know that not every project progresses and completes as planned, that’s why we provide a fit for purpose change control procedure that allows the project to maintain being agile. We believe that maintaining project governance is an important part of every project, however, we don’t want to halt the progress of the project every time someone makes some minute change. This allows us to align our change control procedure to the ever-changing business environment and ensure that the project benefits are realised.