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Top Tier Project Management Services

[Text] The planning phase of a project is more important than every other phase of the project. It is because of this that our employees are dedicated to creating a detailed plan alongside you that paints a holistic picture of the project’s scope. This allows us to create a scope for you that encompasses all aspects of the project – this may even include aspects of your business that you don’t realise are part of the project. This is because, when you don’t create a holistic scope, there is no way to create a fit for purpose plan that not only covers what you need to complete in order to realise your project benefits, but also the best way to approach each of these activities.

Part of the plan includes meaningful schedule and cost estimates that work together, creating a pair of documents that tell the complete and unabridged story of your project. There’s more to a project than just the scope, time, and cost, however, as there is an amount of risk involved with these calculations. Before we agree on a baseline for your project, we will assess and understand the impact of each risk, in terms of their threats and opportunities, to make sure that your project has an achievable baseline from day one.

Our Range of Project Management Service

Corporate Project Services

We at EMC Project Management Solution understand that corporations have a strong need for a formally structured Project Management Framework, especially when it comes to a project that includes a large CapEx or time critical OpEx. This Project Management Framework, if done right, leads to greater governance and control over your projects. That’s why we provide a host of world class Project Management Services.

Consumer Project Services

If you need help managing one of your projects but don’t want to deal with constant paperwork, lower level management responsibilities, and figuring out what’s right for you – consider some of our consumer project services. Stay focused on the big picture and let us worry about your projects needs and delivery targets. We’ll develop our own framework, fit for purpose to you and apply our industry best practice methodologies to your project.

EMC Project Management Service - Project Review

Project Review & Advisory

Project assurance is one of our specialties. We can help you to determine exactly how well your project is going as well as provide an understand of how well it will go moving forward. Doesn’t matter where the project is at; whether your project is in the concept phase, pre-implementation phase, or in the execution phase.

Dispute Resolution

We are experts in dispute resolution, able to make a fair and independent assessment that can get you back out of dispute meetings and back to work.

EMC Project Management Service - Dispute Resolution